Thursday, December 16, 2010

He's only gone and bloody done it

Or: patience

My dear friend and parallel label honcho Twobelts has (finally) finished his solo album. And it is so great that it spurred me (finally) to start a place to fence the Golden Triangle stuff. Cos it's really unusually good.

It's called Pseudointellectual

Taste it right now:
 I Was In The Barrel!

And get it all here: Twobelts - Pseudointellectual

(plus it's only like 31 minutes long)

1. Exercise: Electro-Chanson
2. The Spectre
3. It Was Going To Be Called, "Lost Horizons Of Shangri-La"
4. Synaesthetic Love
5. Mein Bruder War Ein Flieger
6. Interlude
7. I Was In The Barrel!
8. Cleveland
9. Oh Terry, You Were Right!
10. Silver Moonlight
11. My Work Here Is Done

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