Friday, December 17, 2010

What I went and did

In the spirit of Art, I only went and made a completely illegible liner. (There are five cyanotype prints for the five "original" CDs. Sadly made on a rather overcast day and of very variable quality...) Further to Tom's thoughtful tracklising below, the following information is pertinent.

All music and lyrics by twobelts, with the following exceptions:

The Spectre and Cleveland are by Haggery-Herrema (AKA, Royal Trux)
The words to Mein Bruder War Ein Flieger are a poem by Bertolt Brecht which so far as I know has not been set to music before
The words in the last section of My Work Here is Done are from Moby-Dick by Herman Melville

There are two samples:

The beat in Oh Terry... is from Get Up by the Hot 8 Brass Band (it's on their album Rock With the Hot 8, which I recommend to you all)
The horn / rhythm part in I Was In The Barrel! is from the intro to Yes! I'm In the Barrel! by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five (or possibly Hot Seven)

I hope that this helps. Time, Strength, Cash and Patience allowing, I'll post the liner notes to the album presently (along with fond reminiscences of other GTR highlights). This may the beginning of a rewarding hobby...

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